Client: This report was prepared for the St. Charles Parish Department of Public Works.  During tropical storm events, the region of Des Allemands and adjacent St. Charles Parish are subject to flooding. The Parish Department of public works currently places temporary protection, such as Hesco baskets.  However, there is the need for a long-term, more permanent solution. Several solutions have been suggested and evaluated by the Parish, all costly and beyond their financial means at this time. Additionally, the USACE is considering a regional solution (The Donaldsonville to the Gulf) with construction projected sometime in the distant future. So the Parish is considering the feasibility of an effective and affordable short-term solution.

Funding: The preparation of this report was funded by a grant through the Louisiana Sea Grant Program with project management support from Mark Schexnyder, LA Sea Grant, Area Agent, New Orleans.

Completion: Spring 2010

Click on Bayou Des Allemands Flood Mitigation Planning for full report.

There is a need for flood protection along Bayou des Allemands in St. Charles Parish.

Bank Stabilization is an approach that puts in place during the onset of storm seasons temporary flood protection overlaid on a compacted earthen base. This alternative is within the means of the Parish to implement. Perhaps equally important is the consideration that this structure will not become obsolete once Donalsonville to the Gulf is actualized. It has a life that will be extended as its function transitions over time. From a structural primary flood defense system, to a secondary flood defense system with Donaldsonville to the Gulf, to a potential for recreation and trail system along the waterfront.

Provides a proper foundation for flood barrier installation during storm events.

In addition to the existing bulkhead that will need replacing soon, an earthen levee exists as a foundation where the Parish Department of Public Works can place Hesco Baskets on top for increasesd storm protection when threatened.

The Bayou and its setting possess natural and recreational values of outstanding quality. It will provide present and future benefits to Louisiana citizens through preserving, protecting, and enhancing its wilderness qualities, scenic beauties, and ecological regimes and its aesthetic, scenic, recreational, fish, wildlife, ecological, archaeological, geological, botanical, and other natural and physical features and resources found along Bayou des Allemands and adjacent lands. Because of these unique attributes, there exists the potential for expanding on current recreational uses, such as the existing boat launch. It is recommended that rebuilt wetlands along the bank and an interpretive trail system may further educate users about the area and promote non-structural solutions for flood protection. The wetlands further stabilize the bank and enhance the integrity and life of the structure.


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