Bruce Sharky has diverse  research interests focusing on the integration of culture and the environment in creating more sustainable, disaster resilient communities.  He teaches with an emphasis on urban growth issues and environments at risk as a result of natural hazards and has publications on the design of hazard resilient communities in coastal regions. He has organized and led study abroad programs in Mexico, Portugal, China, and the Netherlands. Prior to joining the faculty at LSU, Professor Sharky was in private practice in Anchorage, Alaska. Professor Sharky is a two time Fulbright Scholar in Mexico and Portugal. He is a Fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects. For more information please visit his You Tube site: DamosGracias.

Jack Milazzo is working to preserve and enhance wetland resources and to develop restoration plans for areas in South Louisiana with degraded wetland habitat.  His favorite kind of work involves the ability to perform wetland investigations and assessments including the collection, analysis, and interpretation of wetland hydrology, soil, and vegetation data necessary to develop wetland restoration and mitigation plans.  Jack’s interests and skills will always pertain to design, nature, ecology, history, culture, and visual representation / graphic communication.